Call to Worship: Year A

Volume 31, Issue #1. Features/Authors are listed, columns are not. Introduction Long, Kimberly Bracken v The Shaping of the Liturgy Trinidad, Tom 1 Reading Theology with a Preacher’s Eye Fleming, Matthew 6 On Art and Worship Miller, Patricia Lynn 13 On Media and Worship Goode, Edward 16 God’s Ever-Changing Song Dobbins, R. Craig 23 Table […]

Call to Worship: Year C

Volume 43, Issue #1.¬†Features/Authors are listed, Columns are not. Introduction Long, Kimberly Bracken v Seeing the World through Scripture-colored Glasses Flemming, Matthew 1 The Work of Our Hands: Reframing the Framer Rider, Kelly 9 Calvin as Liturgical Theologian Moore-Keish, Martha 17 The Reform of Church Prayers Gambrell, David 26 New Songs of Celebration Render Morgan, […]