Dancing With Dinosaurs

William Easum argues that a radical shift in culture makes it necessary for the church to change the way it proclaims the gospel, accounting for the anti-Christian climate in which we live while maintaining the and integrity of the Christian message.

Growing Spiritual Redwoods

Growing Spiritual Redwoods is an effort to help church leaders answer the kinds of questions that confront congregations and Christians in this era of rapid and uncertain change in the church, questions such as: Are you committed to Jesus Christ, or to a particular doctrine, denomination, or church? Do you speak of faith as an […]

Leadership On The Other Side

Most Christians would agree that the purpose of the church is to lead people into active, committed discipleship to Jesus Christ. Yet if this is the case, shouldn’t the goal of making disciples drive everything the church does? For example, shouldn’t the primary job of staff members be to recruit and mentor the laity in […]

The Complete Ministry Audit

This study guide will help a church conduct a self-study anbd a complete audit of their ministries. The workshets are printed in the workbook, and are also contained in spreadsheet files on a (floppy) computer disk provided inside the back cover.

The Small Church

Focuses on how churches under 100 in worship can reach out to include more people. It includes: Basic Decisions, Varieties of Small Churches, Obstacles to Growth, The Small Church and the Pastor, Things to Watch for as the Church Grows, Small Church and Morale, Workable Programs, Modeling a Large Church, Staffing the Small Church, Finances, […]

Unfreezing Moves

Prepares Christian congregations to fulfill their basic function – to make disciples who make disciples for Jesus Christ. This book is about helping ‘stuck’ and ‘unstuck’ churches either become unstuck or constantly improve their ministry of making disciples. This book is designed to help church leaders make profound changes in the way they do ministry […]