By John Calvin

Dr. Kerr, in his short biographical sketch, but mainly in his discriminating selection of Calvin’s letters, treatises, addresses, prayers and even a hymn, brings the religious genius of Geneva to life. Outstanding here is the very heart of Calvin’s legacy to Christendom: Institutes of the Christian Religion.

Calvin’s Ecclesiastical Advice

In this collection of forty-six letters and writings of John Calvin, newly translated into English, the reformer gives advice to individuals and groups about theology, ethics, worship, politics, economics, and church practices. Topics discussed include dogmatics and polemics, changes (and the need for changes) in religion, the worship of images, ecclesiastical discipline, marriage, and justice.¬†Specific […]

Calvin’s Institutes

This is an easy to read book that follows the main development of Calvin’s theology, accentuating Calvin’s positive convictions without lingering over matters of only dated importance. Also, persons who desire authentic texts of a religious tradition. Selections are reprinted from Calvin: Institutes of the Christian religion, edited by John T. MacNeill and translated by […]

Instruction In Faith (1537)

“Instruction in Faith¬†is a clear, serene, and even pleasant statement of Christian faith written by John Calvin when he was twenty-seven to twenty-eight years of age….For us today it is a classic confession of a humanist scholar who was called to be a Christian and minister in a chaotic and dangerous time. For this reason […]