Alligators In The Swamp

Power, Ministry, and Leadership

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Categories: Book Collection.
Author(s): Newman (Harvey K.), Thompson (Beverly), Thompson (George B.), and Watkins (Jim).
Publication Dates: 2005.
Publisher(s): Pilgrim Press.
Subject(s): Christian leadership, Pastoral theology, and Power - Religious aspects.
Format(s): Softcover.

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  • BV 4011.3 .A45 2005
  • Summary:

    Thompson and a team of contributors-Beverly Thompson, Harvey K. Newman, and Jim Watkins-explore the nature of power and the challenges it proposes to pastoral ministry. By using the metaphor “Alligators in the Swamp,” they illustrate the complexity of power and how it can be used effectively. The text presents and explores the nature of power from diverse yet complimentary perspectives such as:

    1. Power and self (attire)
    2. Power and culture, in church and community (map/compass)
    3. Power and community decision making (craft)
    4. Power and public policy advocacy (gear)

    By examining the above models, pastors will increase their ability to use power fittingly and effectively. To assist with understanding the alligator metaphor, line drawings accompany each chapter.