The Abilene Paradox

Second Edition

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Categories: Video Collection.
Publication Dates: 2002.
Produced by: CRM Learning.
Subject(s): Leadership.
Format(s): DVD.

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  • Summary:

    Travel the road to Abilene and you’ll arrive at a place where deeply held, logical values fall victim to group dynamics. It’s a bumpy ride culminating in meaningless outcomes and blame, but you can skip the trip if you know how to read the road signs.

    In this age of corporate scandals and lack of accountability, management expert Dr. Jerry B. Harvey’s parable about a family trip to Abilene offers a timeless, compelling lesson on reading the road signs and knowing when you’re headed toward Abilene.

    This classic training program has helped thousands of organizations increase profits and productivity. This completely updated second edition offers a fresh, new look and a faster, more engaging pace.

    The program includes additional exercises for a flexible design to help viewers learn:
    – The five psychological principles of the Abilene Paradox
    – How to avoid false consensus
    – How to overcome the fear of speaking out
    – Effective decision-making within a group