What Happened at Assembly 9/10/11

The Presbytery of Ohio Valley enjoyed the hospitality of Fairlawn Presbyterian Church in Columbus and its pastor, Anne C.S. Marshall.

The standard items of business were conducted in the context of worship with Rev. Gary Scroggins preaching in the morning and Rev. Norrie Erickson as the celebrant of the Sacrament of Communion in the afternoon. Gary’s sermon related observations and experience from his recent trip to the tornado torn town of Joplin Missouri.

A Stewardship Interpretation was presented which focused the entire body on the work and mission of our church. The impact of giving on both the giver and the church’s mission was emphasized. It was pointed out that the contributions and financial commitment of churches is greatly local. Two of every three dollars for mission and per capita are spent on a presbytery level.

The Committee on Preparation for Ministry reported with a recommendation for an Inquirer, Sarah VanderZee to become a Candidate for ordination. Preparation for ministry is a two tier process. During Inquiry the person simply explores and examines the goal and the sense of call. This is done with the CPM and others in their lives. At the point of Candidacy, the decision is made that the sense of call is real and tested. Both the Candidate and the Presbytery formally commit themselves to the goal of ordination.

Regional geographic groupings were discussed and voted upon. The Cluster concept was suggested as something for both continuation and refinement. The proposed refinement is to move to 4 regions instead of 6 clusters. This is for the purpose of more even distribution of human resources in each grouping and also to make the groupings easier to support with staff and other resources. Following small group discussion this matter was approved. Some changes in committee structure were made to implement the change in groupings.

Committee on Ministry brought Aaron Flucke to the Assembly for examination for ordination. Aaron is our very own candidate who will be ordained to the call of the Lexington Church. Aaron’s examination was sustained and he was approved. This means that an ordination will be October 9 at 3:00 pm at Lexington.

A title change for Susan McGhee was proposed by the personnel committee. The term Presbyter for Common Life was replaced. The title now is the Executive Presbyter in keeping with language more common across the denomination.

2012 Budget for the Presbytery was presented by the Trustees and approved. The presbytery approved the recommendation that no change in per capita be included in budget projections.

Area Meetings to Interpret Changes in the Book of Order are being held. The changes in the Ordination Standards and in the Form of Government are the subject matter. Two meetings have already happened. Two more are scheduled: Princeton United on September 27 at 6:30 local time and September 29, Fairlawn in Columbus also at 6:30 p.m