Results: GA Amendments Vote

This table shows the results of the vote taken at the the March 5, 2011 Assembly.

No.Amendment TitleYesNoAbstain
10-1Revised Form of Government 75342
10-AGifts and Requirements for Ordination 77322
10-BRemoving Stated Clerk or Clerk of Session9758
10-CRequiring Sexual Misconduct Policy9767
10-DNominating Committees10144
10-EPresbytery Rolls and Registers9548
10-FCertified Christian Educators9098
10-GSynod Function90410
10-HNominations Process8745
10-IPrayer Added to Ordination and Installation Services87175
10-JStay of Enforcement9458
10-KPreliminary Questions9458
10-LReviewing Work of Investigating Committee9657
10-MTime Limit61426
10-NAppeal of “Not Guilty” Verdict87911
10-ODecision of the Permanent Judicial Commission9359

Please note that Presbytery will vote on the Belhar Confession at the June 2 Assembly.