POV Newsletters

The POV E-News is published in an HTML format and delivered via email to all Churches and Members of the Presbytery of Ohio Valley. Beginning in September 2010, we use an online newsletter service to manage and deliver the E-News. To subscribe to the E-News, please click in the right hand sidebar and fill out the simple subscription form.

The main categories for the E-News are:

  • POV News & Announcements: Events within the Presbytery and the denomination, opportunities for you and for your church, and cluster & Camp Pyoca news.
  • POV Technology News: News in this category deals with changes to information on the POV website, as well as tips and useful tech info for churches.
  • Prayers of the Presbytery & Disaster News: Includes prayer concerns and joys within the presbytery, as well as the newsletters having to do with disaster response – such as the updates on the March 2012 Tornados. (The Prayers newsletters regarding individuals are not archived here, for privacy protection.)

Below are links to the newsletters in the archive.

POV News and Announcements

Prayers of the Presbytery e-Newsletters

Tornado Relief: How to make a donation through the Presbytery of Ohio Valley

Synod of Lincoln Trails Message

Technology News

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