Monroe City Congregational Mission Grant

Monroe City Fund Grants

About the Grant:

The background of this partnering opportunity is the story of the Monroe City New Covenant Presbyterian Church. Many churches shrink and ultimately cease to exist. The Monroe City church defied the norms in a powerful way. Rather than sacrifice mission in order to maintain existence, the church at Monroe City dedicated itself to mission and let loose of survival concerns. In so doing, the church was reborn as a community ministry, "The Lord's Warehouse." Monies from that former congregation are available to other congregations in our presbytery who serve or seek to serve their communities in the spirit of New Covenant.

Some criteria for partnership requests:

  • The maximum grant will be $7,500 and no more than 50% of the total cost.
  • There is no minimum grant request. If a congregation only needs a smaller amount, ask.
  • Sustainable ministry or moving toward sustainability is a value.
  • Costs for personnel or construction are not ordinarily approved, but may be under certain circumstances. Please consult Susan McGhee.
  • New ideas will be seen as positive in evaluation.

Please complete this online form and click the submit button. If you have any technical questions about the form's operation, call Rhonda Seymour, Monday – Thursday between 9am and 2pm Eastern time at 866-344-7853, or email her at
Please address other questions regarding the grant itself to Susan McGhee (

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The above named church is called to be in ministry in and for our community, and we seek a partnership with the Presbytery in that ministry.

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