May 2018 Letter from Smock Senior Ministries

TO: All Presbyterian Churches PC(USA) in the State of Indiana

RE: Clarification of the Smock Deacon Fund

Greetings from Smock Senior Ministries and the Smock Trust Advisory Committee!
The Smock Trust Advisory Committee of the Frank L. and Laura L. Smock Foundation Trust recently met on April 18, 2018 evaluating Smock Foundation Trust grant requests and seeking to serve our Indiana PC(USA) churches. During that meeting it became clear to all Smock Trust Advisory members that some communication, clarification, and guidance was needed concerning the availability and usage of the Smock Deacon Fund grant.

The Smock Foundation Trust exists to serve all Presbyterian Churches PC(USA) in the State of Indiana, and the foundation is available for all such churches to apply for a grant for a Smock Deacon Fund. The bylaws of the Smock Foundation state that churches, pastors, Board of Deacons, Sessions and Presbyterian members in the State of Indiana are to use the Smock Deacon Fund for:

  1. Needy Presbyterian members,
  2. Who live in the State of Indiana.
  3. With first priority given to senior adults within the church family

It is further understood that each local Presbyterian church will decide, under the discretion of the pastor, Session, and/ or Board of Deacons the best manner in which to assist members of its congregation. It is recommended that the specific usage of the Smock Deacon Fund be used for the unique and specific needs of congregational members such as: emergency medical, utility, home, and personal assistance, etc.

The application process is very simple: the pastor and Clerk of Session request a grant on church letterhead which identifies the church, and contact information; indicate the desire to begin a Smock Deacon Fund within their local church, and include membership size. It is also helpful to include the approximate number of senior adults who are members of the congregation. Requests can then be sent to Attn: Smock Foundation Trust, First Presbyterian Church of Fort Wayne, 300 W. Wayne Street, Fort Wayne, IN 46802. If you have any questions, concerns, or need more guidance, please call Rev. Bill Haworth at the Smock
Senior Ministries Center office, 260-426-7421 ext 131.

Peace and blessings,

Rev. William R. Haworth, Executive Director
Smock Senior Ministries Center