Is Your Congregation Doing Innovative Ministry?

From 1980 until 1990, under the leadership of the Rev. Aubrey Brown, the second editor of the Presbyterian Outlook, four annual awards were presented to Richmond?area Presbyterian congregations for excellence in Christian education and outreach. In 1991 the Presbyterian School of Christian Education began to administer these awards, which became open to all congregations in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)  Since then 93 churches in 28 states have received awards.  The number of awards was expanded to five in 2006 with the addition of an award for ministries with the developmentally disabled and in 2010 three older adult education ministry awards were added.   Each of the awards carries a $1,000 prize to support the congregation in its ministry.

For information and/or to apply for one of the Union Presbyterian Seminary Congregational Leadership Awards, you may download the brochure and application or request an application by sending an e-mail to April Swofford or call 1-800-229-2990, ext 231. The application and instructions are only available electronically.

The deadline for the 2013 Awards is FEBRUARY 15, 2013.