Flood 2008 Updates

Disaster Assistance Information – 24 June 2008

A Financial Plan for Flood Relief – 12 June 2008

Prayer after the flooding:

Holy and Grace Filled God, we are people who even in the midst of great distress and sadness are grateful. We are grateful for your presence that is with us in all times. We are grateful for our friends and families, people who have come to our rescue. We are grateful that great numbers of lives were not lost in the midst of this scary tragedy. We are grateful that each day we see our community working together to recover. But, Loving God, you know that many of us in our hearts and our spirits are hurting. Many of us are experiencing feelings of loss and despair. Some of us are still in various stages of shock – oh how we need to be comforted. Please send lots and lots of loving faces and arms to hold us with your love until we feel less vulnerable. We trust that you will lead us once again to places of wholeness and healing. Amen.

Prayer written by Peggy Casteel, Associate Pastor, Columbus, First