First Newsletter is Out

The first newsletter of has been published and the opening lines state, “It’s been just a little over a year since the idea for formed at a gathering of Presbyterians in the Midwest. This project, which to date has 49 congregations involved, seeks to create and strengthen partnerships between congregations and organizations that provide food to those who need it. In both urban centers and rural areas, access to nutritious food is increasingly limited. Churches, often rich in land and people resources, are well suited to help turn this trend around one community and one garden at a time.” The complete June 2013 newsletter can be found at “” Facebook Page Has More than Just Garden Pictures 

Those readers, who could be under the impression that the Facebook page for, the gardens for giving project of the synods of Lakes and Prairies, Lincoln Trails and Mid-America, has only pictures of gardens and a couple comments, might want to check out some of the really good gardening information. It’s not too late. For those who are gardening this summer, the Facebook page is a good place to spend some time while waiting for the corn to grow. It’s at “Food.”