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October News from PYOCA

Friends of PYOCA,

This fall has been extremely busy at Pyoca which is great news! We’ve hosted many retreats including large church groups, high schools, and non-proft organizations. Many volunteer work groups have helped us continue to tear down the rustic cabins, spruce up the grounds, and deep cleen the facilities.  Without volunteers, Pyoca wouldn’t be able to offer its outstanding ministry programs at our current level. A big thanks to our volunteers!

Pyoca High School Conference
On Oct 7-9, 70 youth and 20 adult leaders/volunteers joined us for our second ever Pyoca High School Conference. Rev. Mihee Kim-Kort delivered the keynotes themed “This is My Story” and Rev. Jorge Sayago-Gonzalez lead inspiring worship. The keynotes and small group discussions delved into stories of Jesus being the light of the world, the good shepherd, the true vine, and the bread of life. On Saturday night, Jorge and the Louisville-based music outfit, Mundo Brew, played originals and covers, while conference attendees danced and sang, roasted marshmallows, and shared stories around the campfire.

One adult leader said this about the conference, “Our youth truly had a transformative experience. The entire ride back, as well as during our brief stop for lunch, the youth spent their time sharing story after story with me how much they enjoyed the conference. Their experience at PYOCA was one in which they were affirmed as individuals while also being challenged to push themselves outside of their typical comfort zones. They left feeling energized about their faith.”

The Pyoca Yurt Project Fundraiser
On Sept. 10, we had over 70 friends of Pyoca attend our Rustic Cabin Party.  Many shared stories and memories from the 65 summers these cabins were a part of Pyoca’s camp ministry. From the silent auction, we were able to raised over $3,200 for the new rustic yurt cabins! Thanks to all those who have donated and/or pledged.

2017 Summer Camp
Check out the Pyoca website for our 2017 summer camp schedule! Registration will go live in November so be sure to sign up soon!

Next month will mark my two year anniversary as executive director of Pyoca. I continue to be grateful everyday for this place and for Pyoca’s community. I appreciate your continued support of our ministry, our staff, and the whole Pyoca family.

Grace and peace,
Rev. Dr. R. Jacob Hofmeister

GLAPCE Event – Still Waters Fall Retreat

Come to Still WatersStill Waters Retreat Logo

Everyone, especially church leaders, need a still moment to be restored, renewed, and refreshed to create new life in our ministry.

The GLAPCE team has created an event to allow all of these important things to happen, as well as time for fellowship, sabbath, discovering new resources and new friends.

We welcome you to join us for the Still Waters Fall Retreat
October 18-20 at the Geneva Center in Rochester, IN. 

Click here for more details and here to register

Summary of Presbyterian Youth Triennium

The 2016 Presbyterian Youth Triennium took place 7/19-7/23 at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. Twenty-two youth and four adults from the Presbytery of Ohio Valley made the trip. Below are some short summaries of what Triennium was like for some of our participants:

“Triennium was really awesome! Worship was really fun and we learned a lot from the sermons! I really enjoyed trading pins and recreation! The Pause Prayer Center was also really cool! My best memory of Triennium is Friday night, where everybody threw glowsticks in the air once it got to the chorus of Fireworks by Katy Perry! The food was also amazing!”

— Samuel Ford

“This was my second time at PYT and my experience was just as wonderful but very different from last time. I loved that we bonded much more as a delegation this year and I made so many friends that I want to stay in touch with for a long time. Also the pastors who spoke were so incredible and empowering. After this experience I feel much stronger in my faith. I wish I could keeping going!”

— Hannah Frey

“It was a whole new experience just like the first time I went. I got to meet new people with different views and backgrounds and sometimes and completely different perspective than mine. It was and will be one of the greatest experiences I have ever had the privilege of having.”

— Alec Hooker

“Hey this is Zoe! Oh geez describe Triennium in a few sentences that’s hard. Triennium this year was a way different experience than 3 years ago, this year I strengthened my faith and got some answers to questions that could only be answered through God. Not to mention I met many wonderful people that I am still keeping in touch with on a daily! This Triennium is the one I will never forget!”

— Zoe Pierce

“It was awesome. It was hot. My favorite memory is bowling with 4 youth down in the bowling alley at the student union. It is great for students to see speakers from across the country about relevant and compelling topics. I also loved that they were able to have bible studies in groups. It would have been nice if they were smaller, but it was great they were still able to do a bible study over what the session talk was about instead of just hearing at the main session.”

— Connor Scanlon, adult advisor

“I thought the 2013 Triennium was amazing. Then I went to the 2016 Triennium. I was nervous that I was expecting more out of it than what I was actually going to get, and boy was I wrong. It was incredible! I would go once a month, if that was even possible! Not only did I form lifelong friendships with people from all over the country, but I also grew in my relationship with God. I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything in the world.”

— Crimson Tennis

“This was my second experience at Triennium and I can say that it was enriching and wonderful as the last time. Worship again opened my ears, eyes, and heart to what God wanted me to hear and carry out into the world. The members of our delegation are certainly welcoming and accepting and that created an even better experience.”

— Alysa Epperson

“The generation with whom I spent this past week is not, as some believe, selfish, always on their phone, apathetic and without valid opinions. Instead, I saw firsthand how compassionate, connected and convicted they are, with an amazing worldview to offer us all. Also, they exemplified the diversity, welcome, and passion of that early Church we read about in the Acts of the Apostles. They are not our future. We need them now. For as adults argue and debate, these youth not only will be but are now the generation of change.”

— Allen Colwell, adult advisor

Triennium TravelersFor more, read the articles on the PC(USA) website or check out the Triennium Facebook page that chronicled the 5 day event!

June Event at St. John in New Albany

Consider accepting for yourself, or extending to someone you know, an invitation to the Great Banquet Southern Indiana

Like its counterparts – Cursillo, Emmaus, and Tres Dias – this movement examines Christianity as a life-style. The Great Banquet is an orderly, structured weekend designed to
strengthen and renew the faith of Christians. Through a combined effort of laity and clergy, the Great Banquet focuses on the renewal of the church.

Anyone who wishes to strengthen his or her spiritual life; wants to have a better
understanding of prayer, the Sacraments, study, and Christian action; strives to live a Christian life that bears fruit for God; seeks to know Jesus as Savior and Lord and to make him known.

The Great Banquet is a 72-hour experience, beginning on Thursday evening and ending Sunday evening. For three days, guests live and study together in a worshipful time of singing, prayer, and discussion. During each of the fifteen talks given by laity and clergy, the theme of God’s grace is presented. Guests participate in the daily celebration of Holy
Communion and examine more fully the presence of Christ in His body of believers. They personally experience His grace through the prayers and acts of a loving Christian support community.

Men’s Weekend – June 5th through the 8th
Women’s Weekend – June 19th through the 22nd
at St. John Presbyterian Church; 1307 E. Elm Street in New Albany, Indiana
for applications or more information call (812)945-3531 or email Pastor Allen.

Spiritual Formation Retreat at Montreat

Inhabiting Eden

Spiritual Formation Retreat – April 24-27, 2014

From the Montreat website:

Some think the Bible concerns only humans and God. Yet from the first creation story to the end of Revelation, Scripture imagines a larger universe inhabited by other creatures besides ourselves. Genesis 1 shows God’s pleasure with the earth and all its species long before humans appear. Genesis 2 pictures humans made from the ground in order to serve and preserve God’s garden. The speeches of God in Job imagine nature as a wild place, barely understandable to people, yet adored by God. As we come to terms with our ecological limits, we can reignite the imagination to see more clearly our place in creation’s intricate web, to cherish more actively its delicate beauty, and to relish our responsibilities to treat life—human and other—with respect and awe. Enjoying the Eden of Montreat and listening to Scripture, we will explore a spirituality of grateful care, and of realistic hope for facing our generation’s ecological crises.

The class includes time for learning, group interaction, contemplation and exploration, and fellowship. The formal sessions are titled:

  • Session 1: Inhabiting Eden: Why Does It Matter?
  • Session 2: Practicing Gratitude in a World of Entitlement
  • Session 3: Practicing Connection in an Insular World
  • Session 4: Practicing Lament in a Numb World
  • Session 5: Practicing Hope in a World of Despair
  • Session 6: Conclusion: Practicing Life in a World of Wounds

Patricia K. Tull is A. B. Rhodes Professor Emerita of Old Testament at Louisville Presbyterian Seminary. She is the author of Inhabiting Eden: Christians, the Bible, and the Ecological Crisis (Westminster John Knox, 2013) and of the 2001-02 Horizons Bible Study Esther’s Feast. She writes for Thoughtful Christian, These Days, Horizons Magazine, Presbyterians Today, Christian Century, and other publications, and leads spiritual pilgrimages at home and abroad.

The cost is $390 for the program plus housing and meals at Montreat (single: $325.50; double: $205.50). See the retreat webpage for registration and more information.

How Can YOU Share in the Ministry of Care?

ALL members of POV churches, especially Deacons but also others, are invited to learn more about assisting with caring for those in your congregation.

The POV Academy’s January 17-18 class, “Sharing the Ministry of Care,” will help you:

  • Gain comfort and competence with home, hospital/nursing home visits
  • Practice ministry of Presence listening skills
  • Reflect on boundaries, confidentiality, and legal responsibilities
  • And much more!

Registration for this class, to be held at Camp Pyoca, closes on November 17. 

Posters and registration forms are on the POV Academy webpage.
Contact Barbara Snyder for more information.

ALL New Pastors Reunion

November 21-23, 2013

The Synod of Lincoln Trails is excited to sponsor the first ever REUNION of ALL New Pastors Program participants. Beginning with Group One and including everyone, even Group Twenty Two!

The retreat will be held at Hawthorn Suites in Champaign, IL, beginning with supper Thursday evening, followed by worship, play, and reflection. The event ends after breakfast on Saturday morning.

Your cost is ONLY $100! Spread the word among your old new pastor friends!

Click here to register online using Eventbrite.

Would you like to help plan the event? Share talents of music, art, or dance?
Contact Peggy McDonald.