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June 4th Assembly News

Joining God’s Good Work in Our Communities: The Presbytery of Ohio Valley assembles to celebrate what we’re doing already and explore what we might yet do. 

God is up to something! All around the world, and right around the corner, God is up to something. And the good news is that we are a part of it!  The congregations of the Presbytery of Ohio Valley make a difference as we bear witness, in word and in deed, to God’s sovereign activity in the world.

The Congregational Mission and Vitality Committee and the Evangelism and Congregational Witness Committee invite you to a different kind of Presbytery Assembly. Regular business will be kept to a bare minimum, as our primary business of the day will be to celebrate what we’re already doing in our communities and to explore what we might yet do.  Consider bringing an additional member or two from your congregation for this special day.

We Will:

  • Gather for worship and proclamation, hearing a few new stories of congregations who are joining God’s good work.
  • Engage with one another (using “World Café” conversations) to generate new ideas.
  • Be led in song by the gospel band “Living By Faith” (in which our moderator Zack Ellison plays). And those who play an instrument are welcome to bring it and join in a pick-up band for the closing worship.
  • Feast on fellowship with one another, as well as grilled cookout fare (hamburgers and hot dogs with vegetarian and gluten-free options available).
  • Receive a small gift to help us make a joyful noise.

The Assembly will take place at 10:00am (9:00am Central) on Saturday, 6/4/2016 at the Mitchell Presbyterian Church, with registration starting an hour earlier.

The packet, driving directions, and the minutes from the April meeting will be available for download from the assembly web page after 4:00pm on May 26th.

Online Pre-registration for the Assembly is available now.

What Happened at Assembly April 7, 2016

POV enjoyed the hospitality of First Presbyterian in Jeffersonville.  The windows in the sanctuary have been refurbished in a major project that has been completed since the last time that the Presbytery met there.

Ruling Elder Zack Ellision moderated his first meeting.

The Transitional Executive from the Synod of Lincoln Trails was present.  Sara Dingman brought the sermon to our worship.  Sara also made comments during the meeting to outline the work and contributions of the Synod to our common life.  Specifically she discussed:

  • The synod is encouraging exploration of Bi-Vocational Ministry.
  • The synod is intensely in discussions about per-capita and mission giving.
  • The synod is intensively encouraging care for pastors with peer groupings and other           interventions.
  • Transitional skills (applicable to all persons) is to be taught locally in the synod.

A Vote was held on concurrence with an Overture to GA.  Overtures start on a presbytery level.  They move to the General Assembly where they are approved, rejected, edited, changed or answered in some way.  Every overture must have referral from more than one presbytery to be considered by GA.  If the changes involve change to the constitution, they must go back to the presbyteries.

The overture we acted upon did not involve constitutional change.  It was to support ministry of GA efforts related to HIV/Aids persons.

The Presbytery Foundation’s ministry was presented by Lisa Longo.  The Foundation’s national office is located in our presbytery in New Albany. Lisa outlined for us several important supports for mission and stewardship that are available to our congregations.

The POV Academy Committee reported through Trudy Vanderbeck.  The Academy has broadened its mission to focus on leadership training for all people in the Presbytery.  There is little demand by Elders for training to be Commissioned Ruling Elders. However, the need for training and education is still a need.

Report of the Lilly Grant   Charlie Pye brought us an update on Lily Grant issues.  Charlie reported for the Lily Excellence in Ministry Program.  Both loans and grants are available through the program.  Charlie reported his own work and helps.  He also emphasized the “no interest” loans for debt resolution.

Larry Jackman
Stated Clerk

2016 Presbyterian Youth Triennium


Attention Pastors:

On July 18th youth from around the Ohio Valley Presbytery will be gathering for a delegation overnight before attending one of the greatest youth events in the Presbyterian world – Presbyterian Youth Triennium (PYT).  Every three years 6,000 youth gather at Purdue University in July for five days of worship, prayer, study and great fun. The dates for the youth to be at Purdue are July 19-23.

The theme for the 2016 event is “GO”! This theme is as much about when they leave the Triennium as it is about the event itself. From the first worship service they will explore what happens AFTER the Triennium.

You want your kids to be involved… here is what you need to be doing!

  1. Go to and download information and promotional material.   Post that information in your church and make sure your youth leaders/ advisors know about this opportunity. Triennium Forms can also be downloaded and printed from the POV website, on the Resources for Youth page.
  2. Speak to EVERY youth in eighth grade- your 2016 graduating seniors.  Tell them about dates and encourage them to check-out the website or facebook group (POV Presbyterian Youth Triennium Delegation and Presbyterian Youth Triennium).  Give the attached information form and participant information form to youth that are interested in attending.  Do you have a young adult who has participated in the past and would like to be part of the triennium work crew?  Contact Cheryl Moles. All forms required for registration are attached to this email, but will also be sent to participants as needed.
  3. Talk about Triennium from the pulpit!  Add the youth and this event on your church’s prayer list.
  4. Let your Session know that 1/3 of the cost should be covered by the church.  That means you need to plan for $175.00 per youth participant.  The cost for Triennium is covered by the individual youth, church and presbytery each paying 1/3 of the cost.  The PYT fee is $505 and an additional $20 has been added to help with the costs of delegation t-shirts, and the delegation overnight expenses.  The Presbytery acknowledges the importance of PYT by budgeting to send a delegation to PYT and provides transportation to and from Purdue.  If your church or youth has financial need, contact Cheryl Moles for assistance.
  5. Contact your youth personally.  Let us know how we can help you encourage your youth to participate.
  6. We don’t want anyone to miss out!  April 15th  is the deadline for your registration and fee payment.  All should be sent to Cheryl Moles at Central Presbyterian 125 North 7th Street, Terre Haute, IN 47807.   Earlier is better!  You may have individuals mail their forms or send them from your church.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

Cheryl Moles                                       Susan McGhee
Triennium Registrar                           POV Executive Presbyter
PYT Coordinating Team                     PYT Coordinating Team                     
812-232-5049                                      866-344-7853

What Happened at Assembly on December 3, 2015

Presbytery had its year-end meeting.  As is normal, the meeting was an afternoon meeting only in Mitchell.  The congregation at Mitchell hosted.

It was the final meeting for our Moderator, Eric Erickson.  Rev. Erickson preached at the opening worship time.

An Inquirer was presented to the Assembly who has become a candidate.  The preparation for ministry process has two levels of standing as potential ministers learn and move along in the process.  Each level takes a year to complete at a minimum.  Tamara Recob is now a candidate for ministry from the Newburgh Church.  She has completed her seminary training and will spend the next year in a chaplain training program in Evansville.  Tamara is like most candidates for ministry these days.  She has been in another career for some years and has felt the call to ministry in the midst of life.

The Corporation of the Presbytery of Ohio Valley, Inc. met.  The presbytery is both a church body and a formal corporation under Indiana law.  We formally turn into a company for a few minutes in order to meet legal rules for a company.

Elections were part of the meeting.    The December meeting is the time when we receive the report of the Nominations Committee and elect officers. Ruling Elder Zack Ellison is our Moderator for 2016.  He is from Columbus First Presbyterian Church.  Our Vice Moderator is going to be Rev, Deborah Fortel.

Service Recognition for outgoing officers was shared.

Larry Jackman
Stated Clerk, Presbytery of Ohio

POV Assembly – December 3, 2015

The next Assembly will take place at 1:00pm (ET) on Thursday, 12/3/2015 at the Mitchell Presbyterian Church.

Registration will begin at Noon (ET).

The packet, driving directions, and the minutes from the Sept & Nov meetings will be available for download from the assembly web page after 4:00pm on November 23rd.

Online registration for the Assembly is available now. Please let us know if you will be in attendance!

What Happened at the November 11th Called Meeting

Presbytery of Ohio Valley Called Meeting

Fairlawn Presbyterian Church Columbus, Indiana
November 11, 2015 

The Assembly was Called to Order and worship at (10:30 a.m.) by Moderator  Rev. Eric Erickson.

The scripture lesson read was Mark 6:1-13. Was the basis for the sermon offered was to “Keep On Keeping On”.  Deacon Kimber-lee Docke Adams preached.

Introductions, Quorum, Seating of Corresponding Members Rev. Lawrence Jackman ruled that a quorum was present.  Rev. Catherine Knott was introduced at her first meeting of this presbytery.  Elder David David Doup welcomed the Assembly to the newly remodeled worship space of Fairlawn Presbyterian.

Report of the Committee on Ministry was offered by Rev. Deborah Fortel. Rev. Fortel presented of Kimber-lee Docke Adams for examination for ordination as a Teaching Elder.  A period of examination followed.

Rev David Lee moved that the examination be sustained. The motion passed. Deborah Fortel moved that the presbytery request that Peace River Presbytery ordain Kimber-Lee on behalf of Ohio Valley.  The motions passed.

The business appropriate to the call for the meeting having been accomplished, a motion was made to adjourn with the benediction following the celebration of the Lord’s Supper and the prayers of the Presbytery.  Susan McGhee led the assembly in prayer.  The celebrant was Rev. Mitch Coggin.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:40 a.m.

Lawrence Jackman
Stated Clerk, Presbytery of Ohio Valley