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Hanover College Social Justice Speaker: Living in the Age of Mass Incarceration

Land of the Free INCARCERATED

Living in the Age of Mass Incarceration: How it Affects Us and What to Do About It

The U.S.A. hosts 4.4 % of the world’s population, but 22% of its prisoners.

This event occurs on Tuesday, March 29th at 7:30 p.m. in the Ogle Center at Hanover College.

Dr. Angela Cowser, Professor of the Sociology of Religion and Director of the Center for Church and the Black Experience at Garrett Evangelical-Theological Seminary (UMC) in Evanston, IL is presenting the discussion. Dr. Cowser will challenge us to think about how the grave injustice of mass incarceration affects us in our own context, and how best we can respond. Admission is free, as the event is graciously sponsored by the Bill and June Rogers Speaker Series, as well as various student clubs and organizations at Hanover College.

Download the flyer for this event.

For further questions, please contact Rev. Catherine Knott, Chaplain at Hanover College.

St. John in New Albany celebrates 200 years

Excerpt from the Courier-Journal, published 2/14/2016, written by Jenna Esarey:

St. John United Presbyterian Church in New Albany celebrated its 200th anniversary on Sunday with a worship service attended by a half-dozen or so of the church’s early leaders.

Members of the Friends of Fairview Reenactors represented significant figures in the history of the church. The group stages the annual “Stories Behind the Stones” event at New Albany’s historic Fairview Cemetery.

Read the rest of the article on the Courier-Journal’s website.

Mission Opportunity at Dale Presbyterian Church

It is said that one of the most powerful experiences a Christian can have is to go on a mission trip, experience a different culture and work among the poor.

We at Dale Presbyterian Church invite your church to consider a Mission Trip to Dale, Indiana to work with our Summer Community Adventure Program.

Summer Community Adventure is a free program for children in the North Spencer area who are living in poverty or below poverty.  The children are invited through the local school at the end of the school year.  Usually 40-60 children, K-6th grade, attend.  About 75% are Latino/Hispanic ESL (English as Second Language) students.  All funding for this program comes from donors and foundations.

This program provides experiences–educational, religious, social, physical–for these children.  The children meet at the Micah Center of Dale Presbyterian Church every Thursday in June from 12:00-3:30 where, besides having a wonderful program, are fed a meal and given a bag of non-perishable food to tide them through the week.

This year, we are excited to not only offer the afternoon program on Thursdays, but will be partnering with PYOCA to have an entire week of Summer Day Camp (9:00-3:30) for our students!

Our theme for the summer is POWERED BY LOVE.  Our students will be memorizing 1 Corinthians 13: 4-7.  Here is our schedule for this summer:

June 2:  Orientation/2 hour Sexual Misconduct workshop for volunteers

June 9:  Brain Powered by Love:  Math skill taught through fun and games taught and led by Dr. Janet Tassel from Western Kentucky University and her education students

June 13-17: Faith Powered by Love: Summer Day Camp with the PYOCA counselors  ALL-IN-ONE FEARLESS FAITH

June 23:  Friendship Powered by Love: Boom Squad, an African-American Drum Team from Evansville, Indiana, share music, faith, self-discipline and teamwork

June 30: Creative Expression Powered by Love: Art and Movement featuring instruction from artists Corie Eckerle and Rosemary Chamberlain and physical education instructors from the school.

Why your church might want to consider a day or the week experience:

  • Dale Presbyterian Church is within driving distance from every church in our presbytery
  • This is a less expensive opportunity for people wanting a “missional” experience
  • This is a cross cultural experience
  • This gives an opportunity to put Christ’s love in action and share the good news of Jesus Christ with children
  • This is an opportunity for anyone 16 to 150!  Our building is fully accessible and the level of “work” can be tailored to any individual
  • This work will change your life!

What Dale Presbyterian provides for you

  • free lunch with Summer Community Adventure and supper at Community Table
  • instruction and orientation
  • housing/lodging can be a possibility
  • prayer
  • a great experience!
  • there is no cost to you or your team

We invite and would welcome your participation.  Please contact Rev. Dr. Martha FrizLanger if you are interested or need more information by email or calling 812.937.2560.

Greencastle Presbyterian Celebrates the Ministry of Rev. Dean Finley

To Our Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

We, the congregation of Greencastle Presbyterian Church, invite you to join us this Sunday, Nov. 8th at 10:30 am as we take time to celebrate Dean’s ministry with and to our community. Through ten moves and the wonderful blessing of two children, Dean and Bev Finley have served Christ’s Church faithfully for over seven decades, both through Dean’s ordained and public ministries, but also through their presence as good neighbors in each place they’ve lived.

Beginning with ministries in Colorado, Ohio, and Indiana, Dean went on to have a fruitful impact as Associate Pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Lincoln, Nebraska from 1975 to 1990, providing pastoral care in his gentle, humble manner. (Download timeline)

Too often, we do not do enough to say thank you for those who have poured out their lives in service to Christ and to others. This Sunday is our occasion to do so for Dean, and even if you cannot be with us, we encourage you to pass on your well wishes to Dean by mail (1044 Shadowlawn Ave., Greencastle, IN, 46135).

NPC Celebration Weekend

Newburgh Presbyterian Church 1840-2015

Join the Newburgh Presbyterian Church on the weekend of October 24th and 25th as they celebrate their 175th Anniversary.

Saturday, October 24th
NPC (642 French Island Trail, Newburgh)

4:00pm – Family Games
5:00pm – BBQ Feast
6:30pm – Concert, Open Mic & Hymn Sing
8:00pm – Bonfire & Sing-along

Sunday, October 25th
Preservation Hall (200 State Street, Newburgh)

10:00am – Doors Open
10:30am – Celebration Service
12:00pm – Luncheon
1:00pm –  Opening of 1965 Time Capsule

Please RSVP to

D.I.A.P.E.R. Project in Charlestown, IN

D.I.A.P.E.R. Project
Community Presbyterian Church of Charlestown Indiana
1370 Monroe Street
Charlestown, IN 47111

Dear Rev. Jackman and members of the Presbytery Ohio Valley,

It is my privilege to share with you the story of our mission, D.I.A.P.E.R Project.

On March 18, 2015, we opened our doors to service the youngest members of our community. One out of every three families with small children struggles to provide diapers, wipes, and non-food essentials for their babies and toddlers. These items cannot be purchased through WIC or with food stamps. With over twelve percent of our county’s population living below the poverty line, and others struggling financially, even for working parents, money is often not available for essentials and nutritional food. It is our goal to ensure that all babies remain clean, dry, and healthy.

Currently, we service 45 children per month, and the number continues to grow every week.  We distribute diapers, wipes, wash, lotion, ointments, bottles, food items, and some first aid supplies. Each child is given approximately $20 – $40 dollars worth of essentials per month.  Our parents have expressed their gratitude for our assistance, and several have brought their children for us to meet. Some parents have jobs, but still need assistance.  Others have been laid off from work, are currently on leave, or have encountered other financial hardships.  One mother comes to us because her husband left the state with his girlfriend, leaving her with no income and two infants.  Another is struggling with a child who has a medical condition which does not allow him to digest solid food; she needs help providing Pedi sure.  A few of our parents have been so grateful for the assistance that they have brought in donations of things they cannot use.  Their ability to donate, even though they need it themselves, gives them satisfaction in knowing they are helping others.

We would like to thank the POV for providing us with a grant to help us open the doors and help our children.  It is because of your support that we are able to be a blessing and help to our community.  We are always open to receiving donations, and anyone who wishes to contribute may do so by contacting us at the above address.


Donna McCreary-Bowen

185th Anniversary at First Presbyterian Church of Jeffersonville, IN

Dr. Louis Weeks, retired President of Union Presbyterian Seminary and former Dean of Louisville Seminary, will be the guest preacher and teacher for First Presbyterian Church of Jeffersonville, Indiana’s 185th Anniversary Celebration, the weekend of May 23 & 24.

All are invited to a workshop at the church on Saturday morning, from 8:30 till noon, “A Sustainable Presbyterian Future,” in which Dr. Weeks will highlight the findings in his recent book by that title.

Dr. Weeks will also be teaching a class at 9:30 on Sunday morning, “From Then Till Now at 185 Years Per Hour,” focusing on the history of the congregation and of Presbyterianism in the “Kentuckiana” area and will preach at worship services on Saturday evening at 5:00 and Sunday morning at 10:45.

The congregation welcomes everyone to join the celebration.