Bloomington Fringe

Bloomington Fringe is a loose collective of clergy, churches and campus ministries seeking to collaborate on worship and work in the community.

In the Neighborhood: Building Coalition and Finding Your Cause
Saturday, February 28 @ First Presbyterian – Bloomington
10 am – 330 PM

We are gathering to revision Church and how to be church in the public square, how to do church collaboratively as those rooted (in our traditions) and unrooted (in ecumenical efforts). Our posture is global and local because we believe they are intertwined – What we do here in Bloomington is connected to what is happening in Ferguson, Paris, Nigeria, because we are bringing the kingdom of peace to bear in this place in the here and now.

We’ve invited two creative and dynamic pastors two speak from their context, but the experience will be participant driven and focus on conversations with local service agencies.

Please join us! It is free and open to all clergy and churches.

Sometimes the most powerful work is not done in the center but from the fringes and margins.

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