Assembly Report for June 8, 2013

Some of What Happened at Assembly on June 8, 2013

Commissioning—As our worship/work began, the Assembly celebrated and commissioned people to several special tasks:

Nearly a dozen young people who will serve PYOCA were commissioned to that special ministry.  In addition many of the three dozen youth and leaders of the Presbytery’s delegation to the Youth Triennium were commissioned to this mission.  Leaders from Madison, Seymour, Columbus First, Dale and Bloomington First were also present for this service.

Also, Rev. Rachel Pedersen was recognized for her recent certification as a Certified Christian Educator in the PC(USA).  Rachel is the Assoc. Pastor at Bloomington First.

Presentation of a new campus ministry came through the presentation of IU Kirk.  Bloomington United and First Church Bloomington have worked together to develop a new campus ministry.  It is a more holistic concept of ministry than the traditional campus work many of us knew.  Rev. Mihee Kim-Kort is the director of this ministry which seeks to serve all Presbyterian youth on IU Campus.

Retirement Recognition for Rev. Linda Peters.   Linda has been the first and only pastor of Unity Church in Terre Haute.  Linda celebrated communion at the close of the meeting.  She was recognized and granted the status of Honorable Retirement at our meeting.

Smock Foundation Presentation   Smock is a source of programmatic and financial support for ministry to the senior aged Presbyterians in the state of Indiana.  Three people were present to promote a creative program which focuses on “Body, Brain and Belief”.  A training is going to take place in October to assist people in implementing this type of ministry.

Necrology Report was offered and the work of dozens of Ruling Elders who died during this last year was remembered.

The Statistical Report was given by the Stated Clerk.  The report focused on the very positive stories in our life together.  We had a net loss in membership, but a small one.  We took in more members than those who were lost to death or transfer.  The big category of loss that we have not yet conquered is people who simply become inactive.  The clerk suggested a focus on “closing the back door” by engaging all members in the ministry of our congregations.

Stewardship A new focus on Stewardship was offered by our preacher for the day, Michelle Bartel.  Michelle propounded an understanding of Stewardship based in Joy, Abundance and passionate response to God’s gifts.  Michelle is also, the new head of the Stewardship work group in the Presbytery.