3B Program Coming to Camp PYOCA in April

Would you like a new, innovative, fun way to “do” evangelism/nurture  in your congregation – while presenting an all inclusive program for senior citizens that focuses on body, brain and belief?  If so, have we got an idea for you!

The 3 B Program was created two years ago, initially for Presbyterians living in Indiana – with a grant from the Smock Senior Ministries Foundation.  Meeting for an hour, two or three days a week (in churches or community venues) this program gives attention to the body (with exercises – nearly all of which are done sitting down); to the brain (with riddles, jokes, fun education facts); and to our beliefs (with devotions, unique ways to combine scripture memorization with music and movement, and even sometimes recalling beloved old hymns of bygone days.)

The creators of this program – Rev. Sue Babovec and Angie Briner, M.Ed. – will be offering the third training for instructors on April 19, 20 and 21, 2013 at Camp Pyoca (near Brownstown).  The cost to you – NOTHING for the first two people your church sends for training.  (The cost is $98.50 for others above that number).  All meals, lodging AND complete material for 36 lessons (12 weeks of material) will be given to each participate – on DVD and jump drive.

Comments from churches and participants already using the 3 B Program include:

 “this is so much fun”

“a great way to give purpose to the day for older adults”

“we’re on our third session already – the weeks fly by and the interest isn’t slacking off”

“my doctor says my balance is better”

“the physical therapist couldn’t believe how quickly I bounced back after surgery – 3 B gets the credit”

“It is good to hear noise and laughter in the church during the week!”

“my family notices a difference in my flexibility and strength – plus they say I smile more often and am not as discouraged!”


For more details contact — Smock – 260 -426-7421, ext. #4

Registration closes April 5th